1. I still can’t grasp how these people in these jobs have next no clue of the clients they see.I have the same issues with the ‘professionals’ I see for my children.If you don’t know these people how can you judge them.It is so frustrating


  2. Julia, I really identify with your fear of psychiatrists. I don’t think your anxiety about them is unreasonable at all. They are pseudo-scientific frauds with tremendous power to harm. Psychiatric diagnoses are based on collections of observed symptoms rather than any verifiable understanding of biological causes, so of course there is a huge amount of subjectivity, second guessing, and misdiagnosis.

    I wonder if it has occurred to you, though, that the psychiatrist who diagnosed you with psychosis at age 11 was probably just as much of a fraud. I’m not saying you didn’t experience psychosis as a child – how would I know? – but psychosis is one of those disorders, along with bipolar and borderline personality, that females on the spectrum are frequently misdiagnosed with.

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    • All I can say is my psychosis is very real. Whatever name we give it I hear a voice telling me I’m worthless, that I should die and that I’m disgusting etc. The list of insults is longer than I can type.

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  3. That’s a really awful experience. My GP suggested I might have PDA which is why I’m here but I’m currently only diagnosed with anxiety and depression and Emotional unstability personality disorder…

    I am convinced I have ADHD but only inattentive type and I had the worst interview with a psychiatrist for that and she was awful. I’m 35 and my mum kept going on about how clever I was when I was a kid so that really put the nail in it even though ADHD isn’t supposed to have anything to do with intelligence! I dread trying to get a second opinion.

    I don’t think people realise how hard it is when people have anxiety and the psychiatrist is questioning everything you say like you’re stupid. I get so stressed just thinking about it! So I know where you’re coming from!

    I really hope you find someone who understands things better and that your new GP can help. Hopefully there will be better services out there. Anyway, even if I don’t have PDA just reading your blog has helped me a lot so thank you and I hope you continue to write when you are able.


  4. That’s terrible – can you have a second opinion? or see your MP? The nightmare never seems to end does it? I’m sorry to hear you’re having to go through this! I hope you can find a way of solving this awful situation – Much love –

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