Here you will find a list of support groups, websites, blogs & other useful resources on PDA.


The first & biggest international support group for parents & carers – The PDA Group

Support group for adults with PDA & other ASD’s – Adult PDA Support Network

Support & advice for those working with children & adults with PDA – PDA Professionals Group

Support for parents & carers who parent autonomously – PDA Autonomous Parenting Support

Support for parents & carers of teenagers with PDA – PDA Teen Support

WEBSITES & ONLINE FORUMS – Online support forum for children with PDA

The PDA Society  – Online support & advice, resources & useful links

The PDA Resource  – Resources & useful links

National Autistic Society  – Support & advice from the National Autistic Society



Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome in Children by Phil Christie, Ruth Fidler, Margaret Duncan & Zara Healy

Ultraviolet Voices – chapter 14 is written by an adult with PDA

Can I tell you about Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome?: A guide for friends, family & professionals by Ruth Fidler & Phil Christie

My Daughter Is Not Naughty by Jane Sherwin

A Guide to Mental Health Issues in Girls & Young Women on the Autism Spectrum by Dr. Judy Eaton


Liz O’Nions’ research


Help 4 Psychology – Assessment, diagnosis & support for children, adults & their families

Autism East Midlands – Information on diagnosis at the Elizabeth Newson Centre

Side By Side – Coaching in PDA for parents & professionals

The Lorna Wing Centre – Information on diagnosis for children & adults

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