Some parents of children with PDA believe in nurturing them through life by providing gentle guidance, strong support, respect and through setting minimal, but essential boundaries – the autonomous approach. We believe that, for some children with PDA, a different approach to traditional discipline and punishment is required to ensure their emotional well-being and improve their long-term outlook.

Our philosophy is that, through mutual cooperation and respect, our children can reach their true potential.

More information on Autonomous Parenting



  1. What I find mind-boggling is that anybody should think only kids on the spectrum need this kind of treatment. I thought ALL children should be brought up this way; how else can you nurture a respectful and independent child to the best of their potential? If society in general is NOT bringing up kids this way then all I can say is it explains a lot about ongoing social problems…

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    • Sorry… I had to log in to post and it didn’t show me that my comment had registered, so I rewrote it; and now I can’t delete the first one 😦


      • Not a problem. I’ve deleted it for you.


    • You make a very good point Gail. Sadly though “typical parenting” does seem to focus heavily on rules and discipline. True autonomous parenting would seem crazy to most but for a lot of children with PDA it works wonders.


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