Some parents of children with PDA believe in nurturing them through life by providing gentle guidance, strong support, respect and through setting minimal, but essential boundaries – the autonomous approach. We believe that, for some children with PDA, a different approach to traditional discipline and punishment is required to ensure their emotional well-being and improve their long-term outlook.

Our philosophy is that, through mutual cooperation and respect, our children can reach their true potential.

More information on Autonomous Parenting

by Jane Sherwin



  1. I am so glad that I found this website it may offer me some guidance and insight to the challenges I face so many times during the day with my 15 year old daughter. See may not have ODD it may be PDS


  2. Hello, your link to More Information on Autonomous Parenting doesn’t seem to work (for me, at the moment); I’m really interested in finding out more though…. Thanks,


    • Hi. I’m sorry about that – the link is now working again. Thank you for letting me know it was broken. If you’d like you could apply to join the PDA Autonomous Parenting group on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/groups/pdaautonomousparenting – please note that when you request to join you will be sent a message asking for your reasons for wanting to join and that no request will be accepted until this message has been replied to. 💜


  3. What I find mind-boggling is that anybody should think only kids on the spectrum need this kind of treatment. I thought ALL children should be brought up this way; how else can you nurture a respectful and independent child to the best of their potential? If society in general is NOT bringing up kids this way then all I can say is it explains a lot about ongoing social problems…

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