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  1. Hi, with absolutely no disrespect at all am I writing this, I have a step son 5 years old diagnosed with PDA, I don’t fully understand the disorder but feel that day by day I’m understanding it more and more, he has intense obsessions with characters from TV series (namely sonic and danger mouse) and at times these obsessions can trigger him if he doesn’t get a toy related to the series he’s obsessed with. I guess I fear that potential ally he could end up becoming increasingly demanding upon things such as this in later life, as for example what happens if he craves a certain car or certain partner? Is he likely to end up having a meltdown over these circumstances? He is only 5 and I understand that but already he gets aggressive and at times violent over situations revolving around toys that we can’t actually find to buy him, is this something that he’ll become more capable of managing in later life? What is the best advice for these situations, as I say I mean no offence at all in what I’m saying, I’m just worried that in later life he could struggle in these kinds of situations, is it just a stupid worry or is there something we could do to aid him in these meltdowns and obsessions?

    Many thanks

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    • Hi. With all due respect he’s only 5. Most 5 year olds have issues around not being able to have what they want. He’s got a long way to go until adulthood and a lot of time to mature and grow. No one can foresee the future of course but I can’t see any reason why these issues won’t stop in time. It’s all part of growing up. You can help this by increasing his self-awareness when it comes to PDA. Talk to him about his condition. Explain it, don’t hide it. Increasing self-awareness really is key.


  2. I hope the meeting with the psychiatrist wasn’t too horrendous. You’re right, treating ASD and PDA like mental illnesses is a fundamental misunderstanding of what’s going on. But I do hope things will change for the next generation – there’s so much campaigning and dialogue that I think it will.

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  3. Well done Julia. What a lot of positive events for you this year, just great to hear in your post.

    Wishing you all the best for the appointment today and hope there is some understanding.

    Lots of love,

    Di xx

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  4. Keep your spirits up Julia. You are doing some good things with your life. I hope your adult PDA Facebook group is still thriving. I love that group, but haven’t been on Facebook for about a year probably. Demand avoidance is stopping me from delving into it again. Anyway… thanks for your efforts on our behalf. I appreciate them:

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