1. Julia you are so brave sharing this, and I think you’re right that it’s time to speak out and let other people know. Wish you didn’t feel guilt; the pressure on you is immense. Hoping tomorrow goes your way, fingers crossed for you xx

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  2. Julia, What you have done today, by admitting this and sharing it, is one of the most brave actions a self-harmer can do. NO-ONE will judge or be disappointed, if you see that look in their eyes, they are just trying to hide the love and concern for you that they are really feeling.
    All of us NT’s have days where we want to do something that will change our circumstances, or take the stress away; and our stress is nowhere near the level of stress that you amazing PDAers feel.
    You are immensely strong and are a shining, guiding light to those of us who are trying to lead our own PDA children through the myriad of life.
    You have in no way let us down, you are letting us know how to help our own beautiful and complex children.
    Sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers, that you will get through this and be stronger on the other side.

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  3. U r a wonderful inspirational women!!! Tht ive had the pleasure to talk 2 for insight into pda…dnt be so hard on urself it’s only a blip u wil get back on track when al these situations resolve themselves…big hugs xx

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  4. Hi Julia. My name is Josie. Thank you so much for your story. You are very brave and I needed to hear your story so that I can help my son who has PDA. We love you. Your friend Josie from San Antonio Texas.

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  5. Be kind to yourself Julia – We all have lapses when things get too much – try to think of what you might say to a friend who was feeling similar to how your felt before you harmed yourself and use that to show yourself some kindness. Hope all goes well this week! x

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  6. Oh Julia, I really just want to hug you. Please don’t beat yourself up over this. Accept it has happened and you were not in your right mind when it did. You suffer enough, you certainly don’t deserve guilt, let it go.
    As a mom of a 17yo girl with undiagnosed pda who self harms I have seen this first hand.
    When she first told one member of my family that she was self harming, that person said if she did it again she would never see them again.. I went mad! She was a highly stressed and anxious 14 year old and being told that stressed her out even more! Needless to say she hasn’t stopped but she knows that I don’t judge her because I know she can’t help it… we find ways to prevent her getting in the state of extreme anxiety where she does it.
    I will be thinking of you and hoping that the appeal is successful for you and I think you are very brave baring your soul like this.. just remember that there are people out there that understand.
    Love and hugs

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  7. Sending love and hugs, let go of the guilt and let someone know before doing it next time if you can , you never know they may just be able to help you. Hard I know and sure you know but sometimes helpful to be reminded you can always do better next time even if it’s not this time. Wish I could forward the time for you so you didn’t have to wait for your appeal. It’s the hardest part .Try to keep busy if you can and take care xx💕

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  8. Be kind to yourself Julia. Our demons are always waiting to jump on us when we are most vulnerable – I too mask massively and rarely let people see my vulnerability. I wish you well for your PIP assessment and hope the outcome is in your favour and fair. Remember your self-care x

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  9. We all deal with stress and disappointment in our own way. You are dealing with it, and you should be proud of yourself. Be easy on yourself and know you are doing the best you can, which from my perspective, is pretty dam impressive. The rest of us also learn from you and your willingness to share your life with us, so thank you. Let us know how your tribunal matter goes, and what analyses is used in the decision making process. The more we talk about PDA, the more we all learn and can move supports in the right direction. Also, I want to wish you a happy Christmas – from British Columbia, Canada.

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