1. Thank you for this interview.
    My daughter , 13 years old, (we’re from Israel) won’t go to school. She’s diagnosed with ASD, but today is the first time I hear about PDA specifically, and now everything becomes so clear finally!!
    I hope we will find a way for her to attend school. And I hope this school is right for her (seems OK, although it’s noisy), not sure there is another alternative (we changed many schools so far. )
    Thanks again.


  2. Hello Julia. Thankyou for sharing this interview. My son is 7 and he is diagnosed pda. He and all the family are really struggling here and considered whether we could get intoucb with Edith’s fanily? We too live in Sheffield.

    Fingers crossed.

    Noah’s Mum Diana


  3. Thank you so much for your blog and this interview with Edith. Our son has PDA and is 17 now. But when he was Edith’s age, there was hardly any info about it on the net or through camhs or school. We were always told to use the usual ASC strategies, eg.visual timetables, etc and they never worked. We muddled through and worked out strategies ourselves but I always thought we must be doing it wrong. It was such a relief when our son’s psychologist informed us about PDA. I wish we’d had the insights that you and Edith offer as I feel so guilty that things could have been less stressful for our son. Texting definitely works better and he has flashes of such insight and empathy. Do you think in a way people with PDA feel more deeply/intensely than anyone else? Hence the anxiety around demands. Our son’s meltdowns have improved so much now he’s older but last week when he was stressed out studying for his A levels, he smashed up two of our dining room chairs. We found out what was wrong later…I just wanted to know whether as an adult, these outbursts are less physical and rare? Thanks for all your help again, and tell Edith thanks for being so candid about her feelings.


  4. This is a message for Edith. You came to visit my daughter’s school (Robert Ogden School) and my daughter who also has PDA really enjoyed talking to you. She is keeping her fingers crossed that your parents get the funding they need and that you can go to school and be her friend.

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  5. Brilliant!! Helps to understand what is stressful, especially when you know the child wants to do the activity. As a grandparent it’s hard not to praise as you think it’s giving encouragement but, I shall now tone it down. Thanks for doing this.

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  6. That cake looks delicious. Great interview, we can tell you both got on well and it’s so helpful for us parents to hear insights from others similar to our children. I’m sure Edith will get on really well in the future x

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