4 comments on “REFLECTIONS

  1. I feel angry for you that no help came sooner. Thanks for writing such an insightful post which will no doubt help many to understand, and many others to not feel alone. I feel so strongly that there are still plenty of children being misdiagnosed or misunderstood and am doing my best to help. Your post is clear, and interesting and makes perfect sense, and you give me hope for how my own daughter may turn out to be a great individual x

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  2. What a wonderful, well thought out, well written and emotional post. I think that perhaps your happy childhood memories have become magnified and the unhappy memories have been locked in a box. That is no bad thing, why fill your head with unhappy memories when you can replace them with happy ones. I so understand why you feel so sad for your childhood self. She was a victim, a child damaged, misunderstood and spiralling out of control due to lack of awareness and trying to cope in a totally unsuitable environment. As you say, that child is no longer a victim, but is a strong, well balanced and well rounded adult. Your are an absolute credit to yourself Julia and how you have turned yourself around and overcome such huge hurdles is a testament to your inner strength, grit and determination xxxxx

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  3. Aw Jodie, thank you! x x x It took me over a week to write so I am so pleased that it’s a good read. 🙂 It’s nice to know that I have the support of the people who matter most to me – I couldn’t do it without you all, so thank you. x x x


  4. really enjoyed reading this brought a tear to my eye, very proud to read this 🙂 , a clear sign of a very strong and influential individual, this will help many people needing support, xxxjodester

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