4 comments on “UNCONDITIONAL

  1. Thanks Julia, I’m so glad for all your sharing too. I can’t begin to explain how all your posts have helped. Unfortunately, family and friends don’t always understand the difficulties, so its nice to come to the group, for me its a bit like a haven. I’m so grateful xx

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  2. Love that Pooh Bear quote. Love all of this in fact! Jane is amazing, but so are you, and I relaly hope it has helped to open up, and will continue to help you and others. Can only hope my little girl grows up to be as great as you 🙂

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  3. Oh Julia, what a lovely post, the tissues are out. I am so thrilled and feel very humbled that I have made such a difference to how you feel about yourself. But please don’t forget how much you have done for Mollie and I. Our friendship truly is an equal one where we both try to help each other out and offer each other support. We also have a bloody good laugh whenever we chat 🙂

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