3 comments on “YOUR PDA QUESTIONS ANSWERED (part 6)

  1. HI Julia, read on your website that you are writing a book on PDA. I can’t wait! I bought the book: Can I tell you about PDA syndrome? In the purpose to help family and friends to understand better my husband of 38 years old… not quite the right book 😉 I am likely on spectrum too, Asperger type.

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  2. My son is 23 this year. And has never been formally diagnosed with pda. But he was statemented at school for behaviour issues. Avoidance etc And positively tested for dyslexia at college. He received DLA up to the age of 16. After much effort on my part and his, as he left education with nothing. He’s now been in the army for 3 years and due to leave at Christmas. Iam worried sick about his success into civvy street and another job. I would love to discuss with you whether your understanding of PDA for you is helpful and whether I should broach this with him? I’ve
    Thanks in advance


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