6 comments on “YOUR PDA QUESTIONS ANSWERED (part 6)

  1. Hi. My recently ex partner of 41 recently known to have PDA. Everything makes so much sense now I wish he’d been helped years ago. We are still in touch, only when he initates, but I’d love ideas of how to approach supporting him without making him back away. I love him as he is but have no idea how to be there for him as any contact or suggestion to meet upsets him. Yet when he feels ready I respond but it’s getting less. Any ideas how to be present for an adult with severe social anxiety aspie and pda


  2. Hi Julia, my name is Julianna! I also have a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder although mine was described as atypical. It was in fact atypical Asperger’s Syndrome. I however wonder whether I don’t have PDA now after reading your blogs and others blogs too! Just recently I had an experience of wanting to swear and just wanting to be cruel with my words because my sister had said “don’t be nasty to dad” when I know my dad does not react to my teasing of him! It made me flip because I felt she was ganging up on me. This has been an experience throughout my life! I had this deep insecurity about myself all my life. I also have found myself avoiding a Spanish class that I give at a mental health charity just to annoy the staff because I feel I want to get paid. I went to good schools like The London Oratory but just can’t seem to find myself, and life is unbearable at ti.es at home. I hate being controlled and do not like the idea of still living at home. If you have any advice about coping with life with adhd and pda I’d be willing to read that. I am also awaiting a diagnosis at the Maudsley. Kind regards, Julianna

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  3. Julia
    Thank you very much for writting down your thoughts and feelings for people to read. I’m guessing that’s hard to do. I really need to understand PDA for my daughter. Your comments are really useful.


  4. HI Julia, read on your website that you are writing a book on PDA. I can’t wait! I bought the book: Can I tell you about PDA syndrome? In the purpose to help family and friends to understand better my husband of 38 years old… not quite the right book 😉 I am likely on spectrum too, Asperger type.

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  5. My son is 23 this year. And has never been formally diagnosed with pda. But he was statemented at school for behaviour issues. Avoidance etc And positively tested for dyslexia at college. He received DLA up to the age of 16. After much effort on my part and his, as he left education with nothing. He’s now been in the army for 3 years and due to leave at Christmas. Iam worried sick about his success into civvy street and another job. I would love to discuss with you whether your understanding of PDA for you is helpful and whether I should broach this with him? I’ve
    Thanks in advance


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