7 comments on “MY BIGGEST FEAR

  1. Sorry to hear of your continuing ordeal. Sometimes it seems as if humans haven’t evolved far past simple apes. I’m sure the reason we mask naturally is because in past times it’s been genuinely dangerous to let other human beings see what we are really like. I share your fear of being shut away at the mercy of other people. What a horrible prospect. Keeping my fingers crossed that you find a knowledgeable and empathetic health professional soon. It shouldn’t be this hard.

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  2. Fucking infuriating dickheads. Your resposes appear perfectly rational to me. Sooo understand your fears. That’s what i fear for my 11 year old son…
    Wishing you a peaceful night. Xxx

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    • Thank you Nicola. I slept. Wouldn’t call it peaceful but it was sleep. I felt better as soon as I posted this blog last night. Sometimes just writing it all down is therapy enough. 💜

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