1. Julia, I know you told me of this at the time, but I just want to say how proud I am of you. Reading it through it reminded me again of how anyone of us can struggle at any time. Thankyou so much for your honesty xxx

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  2. Hi Julia, your story struck so many chords with me and made my cry. Your bravery humbles me and your experience reminds us that even with all the knowledge, planning, strategies and maturity, PDA panic attacks can still strike us unexpectedly. Your account would be brilliant made into a short film, it would be really powerful. I live for the day that those ignorant people wake up and find compassion, but alas, I think we are some way away yet. For this reason we must continue to spread the good word and education around ASD and anxiety so that it is not something for others to fear, but something that anyone can help with if they are kind and patient. Bless you for going through that and thank you for sharing so that you might turn your scary thing into a positive. xx

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  3. Thank you so much for your blogs Julia. I have a 21year old daughter who was diagnosed with PDA by Phil Christie many years ago. Sadly she is now in a Medium Secure Mental Health Hospital. Despite our best efforts to discuss what PDA actually is to her, she really just doesn’t get it. She knows how she feels & what stresses her etc. but she has no idea that anyone else feels & behaves like her. I just wanted to let you know that her Psychologist is planning on using your blogs to teach her more about her condition & let her know, she is not alone. Thanks again!

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  4. Do you mind if I ask a question? Do you have organisational skills, or sequencing skills. I’m wondering if it’s perhaps a symptom of PDA as my son can’t seem to get himself ready for anything without help.

    I really don’t feel happy about his diagnosis, as there are so many other deficits that interfere with his daily life that no-one has picked up on.

    His diagnosis was basically written from my notes not anything that “they” had discovered!

    He appears even more complex than what his diagnosis gives him credit for!

    Anyway well done you on your amazing journey, my son would be so wound up the night before, he’d have floating around the ceiling xxx

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  5. My son can do things sometimes that he can’t always do, he just can’t sustain it. Well done you for taking the train “alone” and getting to your talk!

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  6. This really describes how difficult it must be for you to leave the house in general – but it also highlights a major achievement for you, and gives me hope that there are kind, understanding people out there in the world. We’ll educate them one at a time if we have to 😉

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