1. Thank you so much for sharing. My mum had sent me this link. As usual when my own mother identies a struggle or sees her own adult child distressed about her wee people lol.. with no hesitation she would do her own research to see if there is any support or knowledge around the area of concern (Thank you mum).
    On reading the story and interview with Phil I have to say I did become overwhelmed. Being a mum of three beautiful children, two out of the three I worry a little more about. One out of the two even more so. This posting I feel hit home and made great sense to me and I am so grateful.
    I would like to make contact directly with Phil Christie to arrange consultation.

    Again thank you, as I feel this has been a huge help.


  2. hi.i am a very desperate mum with a son with pda now 21.he was diagnosed by phil christie in 2003 at the early years diagnostic centre ravenshead nottingham.sadly my son ended up in a young offenders and now been moved to a psyciatric hospital and has been there nearly a year.i have fought all his life to get help and no one would listern.i am now fighting to get my son released via a tribunal.hospital are not taking into account he has pda as sadly i have lost his diagnosis since moving home.i have been so desperate to get a copy,i contacted the diagnostic centre two weeks ago who promised they would call me back .i have called and called all last week and no answer and no return of my calls.i have sent three emails this week to east midlands diagnostic centre and still no email back.i am so desperate for help to get my son home i am not sure which way to turn next.please can you help me or give me information on how to obtain a copy of my sons pda diagnosis.
    thank you so much


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  4. Hi
    I have been working with someone who I think has Pda. I’m having many problems with services. I feel isolated in my work due to the lack of understanding from other professionals and service providers. I would really like to discuss the situation with someone who understands. Can you help?

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  5. If a diagnosis of PDA has been received & extra support was requires if local councils children’s services wouldn’t acknowledged that the condition exsist due to not being in DSM & ICD & fails to provide the support tailored to there needs could this not be discrimination & result in further damage down the line

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  6. Brilliant. I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You to Phil Christie for all the work he has done, and continues to do with regards to helping those with PDA. Having heard him speak a few times, I would heartily recommend him to anyone, and the books are the perfect starting point for those who want to discover more. Thanks Julia for this fab interview! 🙂

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