6 comments on “BEAUTIFUL COREY

  1. we have been going through this my son for 6 years. The NHS do not know what to do with my son. We are constantly battling to keep him out of hospital because he’s been there before for 5 months and it nearly destroyed him. Matthew has high functioning autism, PDA and OCD. His condition will only allow his existence in his bedroom and en-suite bathroom. We have to do constant rituals and bring everything to him for him to stay stable and survive. Our lives are a living hell and they say no services exist. Our fight continues for the treatment he deserves.


  2. This is so frustrating. Co mirnids are often difficult to diagnose as they income doctors print someone in several categories but surely the self harm and suicidal ideation alpine should warrant immediate attention. If Corey commits suicide or seriously harms himself under the care of these doctors, it’s them who will be held accountable at the inquiry not hours mother and they stand to be disciplined by the GMC as well as the BPS. So I’m rather confused by their reluctance to act.


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