5 comments on “YOUR PDA QUESTIONS ANSWERED (part 2)

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  2. Hi, my 11 year old daughter has just got diagnosis of ASD. I think she has PDA. I do not know if I should pursue a diagnosis of PDA. With your life experience, do you think it is important that PDA is specified, or do you think a diagnosis of ASD will be sufficient to obtain support?


    • Hello.

      Personally speaking yes a diagnosis is vital but something is better than nothing. An actual diagnosis means that the correct support and guidance can be given. ASD strategies don’t normally work with PDA, in fact they often make it worse. Another plus for diagnosis is that it’s validation for you and your daughter – it isn’t all in your heads. Personally I would push for a correct and and accurate diagnosis. ‘ASD’ is worth the paper it’s printed on. It tell me nothing. It’s like saying you have an allergy but not what allergy. I hope this makes sense. X


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